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My name is Matthanja. My love for pictures started growing up with a dad who loved photo's and his -analoque- camera. But only when I worked in Bolivia as a medical doctor I picked up the camera myself. The trip from The Netherlands to the medical base I worked at in Sucre took over 3 days - if you were lucky. I used a small pocket digi camera to show what my crazy new world looked like: beautiful people, amazing landscapes, vibrant culture, creepy foods, and wonderful challenges.

Back home I continued to frame the world around me. To most people te medical world is a mystery and as an MD I am in a unique position to show what it is about: its history, the patients, the hospital, the



staff, students, ambition and dedication to help.

Portraits are another big part of my work. There are so many different faces, cultures, beautiful moms-to-be, families and special weddings. So let me know if you need that special picture taken.




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